Raw Fury signs deal to bring Sable, Night Call and Mosaic to film and TV

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(Image credit: Shedworks)

Sable publisher Raw Fury has entered an agreement to create film and TV adaptations of Shedworks' beautiful open-world odyssey, alongside BlackMuffin's Night Call, and Krillbite Studio's Mosaic.

As reported by GamesIndustry.biz, Raw Fury has partnered with production company Dj2 Entertainment to create adaptations of the three games. As part of the "first look partnership", the publisher is also exploring adaptations for Call of the Sea, Dandara, The Signifier, and Norco.

Dj2 was notably involved in co-producing last year's Sonic The Hedgehog which, teeth notwithstanding, was an entirely serviceable family film—though it also pushed hard to make a Hawken live-action series a reality before that game's untimely death. While Dj2 is involved currently with a Disco Elysium series the long-due Life is Strange adaptation, most of the projects listed on its site have yet to see release.

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Parisian noir adventure Night Call is also in line for adaptation. (Image credit: Raw Fury)

"Entering into a partnership with Dj2 feels like a perfect fit for Raw Fury," Raw Fury CEO Jónas Antonsson said of the agreement. "Their creativity and ability to take the core of each game and transform it into new art forms fit the Raw Fury vision and we are excited to work together and see what we will create."

I utterly adored Sable, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about seeing it adapted to the big (or small) screen. While scripted media could really let the game's Moebius-inspired aesthetic shine, I wonder how you'd even begin to translate the game's open, introspective, largely story-free journey.

Needless to say, I'm curious to see what form Sable, or any of the planned adaptations, take following these planned adaptations. Stay tuned.

Natalie Clayton
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