Ratz Instagib: one click, one death in this browser-based multiplayer shooter

Ratz Instagib

Contemporary shooters offer such depth as marshmallow zombies and totally covert headwear , but sometimes it's best to sit back, unwind, and devolve with a round or two of classic deathmatch. Ratz Instagib delivers that escape in browser-based form with arena-style scrums and precise, instant-kill lasers similar to Quake's railgun.

As part of a pack of rats sporting some of the scariest grins I've seen in a while, you'll jump and glide along boxy maps of basic real-world settings—an office, a train, an alien cryo chamber—while jockeying to peg a foe on your reticule and dancing away from everyone else's. It's simple, and that's the point—Instagib, like its namesake mode, boils down the FPS to win or lose, kill or die.

You can play Ratz Instagib for free on Kongregate . And if you get lit up by a bright-blue rail from someone named "reedy," then direct all blame to resident PC Gamer railgunner and Senior Associate Editor Tyler Wilde . [Ed. note: be much more wary of anyone claiming to be a Ph.D. holding lobster .]

Omri Petitte

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