Rare's Sea of Thieves gets a release window

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Rare's swashbuckling Sea of Thieves went over well at E3. We got confirmation that it will come to Windows 10 (opens in new tab), but a release date has been elusive beyond '2016'. Speaking to Kinda Funny (opens in new tab) (via COG (opens in new tab)), Xbox Games' Aaron Greenberg has narrowed things down—to the start of 2017.

"Not far after [Gears of War 4] we get things like Halo Wars 2 in February and we just keep kind of cranking as we go through. Sea of Thieves is coming out in that window, Scalebound, a lot more titles..."

Check out Sea of Thieves' E3 footage (opens in new tab) if you're in any doubt as to whether the pirate's life is for you.