Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky gets full reveal at Paris Major

Earlier this month, Ubisoft shared the first details of Operation Grim Sky, Rainbow Six Siege’s next season. Today, full details of its third campaign have been revealed from this weekend's Paris Major—including more on its new operators Maverick and Clash, and its reworked Hereford Base training camp map

As outlined in the five-minute short above, Maverick is known as the American spook who "went native". A hard-breacher and member of The Unit, his Suri Torch blow lamp lets him burn through surfaces "at an almost inaudible level", says Ubisoft, including reinforced walls. Which is surely great news for those players keen on horizontal shooting.  

Clash, as we learned earlier this week, is an ex-Scotland Yard officer. She can look a wee bit like System Shock's Shodan, and is the first defender to come equipped with a shield. During my short hands-on time with the new operatives—more on that this coming week—I struggled to work out a strategy for taking Clash on. Her shield not only nullifies head-on offence, you see, but also emits bolts of electricity which prevent you closing in from the wings. Needless to say, I copped a few fatal charges along the way.  

With this in mind, I reckon Clash marks a good starter operative for players learning the ropes. Siege now has 40 playable characters, each with their own respective repertoires of special abilities. There's therefore more scope to get overwhelmed than ever. Tooling yourself up with an electro-shield, however, is sure to help reduce newb anxiety.  

Elsewhere, Grim Sky implements modifications to address weapon sights misalignment, and includes adjustments to Operator Idle Pick. 

Expect Grim Sky to feature on PC test servers tomorrow, August 20. No concrete live date as yet, but Ubi says it's "available in September". If the developer follows previous Siege season launches, that might be September 3 or 4. Watch this space.