Rainbow Six Siege's first shield-carrying defender is a Scotland Yard officer named Clash

The slow, steady rollout of the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, entitled Operation Grim Sky, continued today with a teaser introducing one of the game's two new operators: Morowa "Clash" Evans, a defender who bears an uncanny resemblance—at least for a brief, flashing second—to Shodan, the infamous AI villain of System Shock.

Clash, a Scotland Yard crowd control specialist, is the first Rainbow Six defender with a shield. And not just a shield, but a massive, transparent, person-height shield with a built-in taser. And not just a taser, but a howling Tesla coil, basically, that looks like it's cranking out enough juice to drop six men and the elephant they rode in on.

A native of England, Clash served with the Territorial Support Group during the 2011 riots, before earning a spot in Specialist Firearms Command, the branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service that provides armed response capability. Her shield, the Crowd Control Electro Shield, is actually a DIY rig put together by Twitch and Mira. 

"Clash is the perfect Operator to handle this new gadget and weapon because she understands mob behavior and she pioneered snatch squad tactics, not to mention her experience as a riot officer," Ubisoft said in her character announcement. "She knows exactly when and where to deploy this shield to deny entry and slow down her opponents." 

Clash, and all of Operation Grim Sky including the reworked Hereford Base map that we checked into last week, will be fully revealed on August 19 during the Six Major in Paris. And in case you missed it, this weekend is a fine time to find out what Rainbow Six Siege is all about: From August 16-20 it'll be free to play on Steam

And in case you thought I was kidding: 

Andy Chalk

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