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Report bugs and earn stuff in Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Bug Hunter’ program

For those who’ve made extra room on their hard drive for Rainbow Six Siege’s 60GB test server, Ubisoft has launched a new Bug Hunter program aimed at rewarding players that proactively report new Siege bugs in need of squashing.

Any player who reports three “acknowledged” test server bugs to R6Fix, Siege’s official bug support portal, is eligible to earn unique in-game items. For a bug to be acknowledged by the developers, you must be the first to report it and it has to be reproducible. Three bugs may seem like a lot of work to earn a prize, but the scale of Siege's maps, characters, gadgets, and modes practically makes it an ant hill—give it a few kicks and a bug will surely emerge.

The first reward is a new weapon charm that might earn a chuckle from players familiar with the early days of Siege. The “raptor legs” charm is a reference to the infamous bug of the same name that caused an operator’s legs to grow and bend in ways that legs never should. A dark time from which we will hopefully never return. Raptor-legged Frost is the charm on offer for now, but Ubi has more prizes planned for the future.

The Bug Hunter program is a cool idea to encourage more players to use the test server for its intended purpose and not just trying out new operators or balance changes (guilty! 🙋‍♂️). Since the program is limited to test server bugs only, it seems the rewards are PC exclusive for the time being. More details about the program can be found in Ubi’s official blog post

Morgan Park
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