Rain World opening cinematic flaunts adorable slugcats

I first caught wind of Rain World when it featured in a late-2013 issue of PC Gamer magazine and was instantly taken by it. It's since ran a successful Kickstarter, and has spent the last few years teasing scant details and trailers and wonderful GIFs ahead of its March 28 release.  

Admittedly, there's not all that much to the opening cinematic that developer Videocult and publisher Adult Swim Games have now revealed, but I'm really looking forward to the gorgeous retro-styled platformer so count this as slightly self-serving. It is Friday after all. 

In case that wasn't clear, Rain World sees players assume control of a lone wandering slugcat who's been separated from their family following a devastating flood. "You must hunt for food and shelter between terrifying torrential downpours that threaten to drown all life," so reads the game's Steam page blurb. This sees you traversing a strange ancient civilisation, steering clear of its hostile natives and conversing with its friendlier inhabitants.   

Billed as a "survival platformer", you'll guide your own slugcat through over 1600 room across 12 regions "filled with ancient secrets and undiscovered dangers." Some of that is perhaps better portrayed here: 

Rain World is due March 28, 2017.