Rain World is a promising chase game set in dark, lizard-infested mazes

You are a white, fluffy, snow weasel-like creature trying to survive a cold, rusting world, where rain falls with such bonecrushing force it will kill you if you don't get back to your nest in time.

There are lizards. Awful lizards. As you leap around, cutely hanging from poles, attempting to hunt your own dinner of flapping, flocking bats, the lizards are trying to trap you between their crushing jaws. Your only defences are running away and throwing spears, and both do little to prolong your life.

Rain World in its current embryonic form is hard . Its 2D, single-screen levels require careful manipulation of your physics-enabled character in order to navigate them, and even if you manage to eat the bats, skewer the lizards and perform each jump swiftly, it's easy to lose track of time and find yourself pummelled by pennies from heaven.

I keep coming back to it, even though the version Joar Jakobsson provided is incomplete, because the animation of each of its characters gives everything a tremendous sense of life and a satisfying snap whenever you take that life away. It's still some way from being done, but you can follow the game's progress on the regularly updated development log .