Rage 2 pre-beta footage shows off nine minutes of murderous mayhem

Bethesda has posted nine minutes of Rage 2 footage that keeps the screen filled with murder and mayhem (and lots of bullets and explosions) for most of its runtime. It only takes two minutes for a small army to be dispatched. Also shown off is an unlockable ability, 'slam', that lets you punch the ground to create a shockwave, along with a boss battle against a massive junkyard mech. Check it out above. 

As Phil noted in his Rage 2 preview, it's a lot more playful and over-the-top than its predecessor, full of superpowers and punks, though it remains to be seen if all of that flavour translates into a substantially different experience.

"While basic combat is entertaining—always a positive for an FPS—I don't yet have a sense of how varied the open world will prove," he wrote. "There are plenty of icons to explore, but some felt more like padding, and the vehicular combat encounters I stumbled into on my travels seemed basic and repetitive. While I took plenty of positives from my time with Rage 2, I also have concerns about whether its sense of style is masking a lack of real substance. Hopefully it will prove to be more than just another solid shooter."

It's certainly fun in 9 minute spurts, though, and if you stick around there's a brief story teaser right at the end. Bethesda promises more footage over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.  

Rage 2 is due out on May 14.

Fraser Brown
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