How to get fishing bait in Raft

How to get bait in Raft - a player is stood at the edge of a raft, next to a red grill, with a fishing rod
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Figuring out how to get bait in Raft isn't that straightforward. If you've recently dived into Redbeet Interactive's seafaring survival game, you'll know that the first few hours are spent trying to collect as many resources as you can and trying to keep yourself nourished, all while trying to fend off the attentions of a persistent shark.

You don't need bait to use the fishing rod, though you'll only catch basic fish without it. So if you're hoping to hook some rare marine life, you will need to splash out on some bait. Here's how to get fishing bait in Raft and what you need to craft a fishing rod to get you started.

How to get bait in Raft 

Unlike Shark Bait, you can't craft fishing bait to help you lure in those exotic fish. Instead, you need to head to the nearest trading post, which are found on larger islands. You'll also need Trash Cubes, which are used as the main currency, and a Recycler to make them.

This might seem like a lot of trouble when you can still catch fish without using any bait, but there is some incentive to fish up the rarer catches. Selling the rare fish at the trading post gives you Trade Coins and increases your reputation, which will unlock the next tier of goods available once you've handed over a certain amount. 

Here are the Raft fishing baits you can buy from trading posts and what you can catch with them:

Tier 1: Simple Fishing Bait

  • Glowshrimp
  • Netnibbler
  • Sharp Charp

Tier 2: Advanced Fishing Bait 

  • Foamspitter
  • Pufferlisk
  • Trap Snapper

Tier 3: Expert Fishing Bait 

  • Lionfish
  • Lunarfish
  • Pentapus
  • Pink Pike
  • Rainbow Lobster
  • Sharkeater

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How to craft a fishing rod 

You can craft your first fishing rod as soon as you've collected the materials. The crafting recipe is one of the many that you start with so you can begin fishing early on. It appears under the "Tools" section of the crafting UI.

Fishing Rod crafting materials:

  • Plank x6
  • Rope x8

You can also make a Metal Fishing Rod, though you'll need to research the crafting recipe at the Research Table before you can learn it. 

Metal Fishing Rod crafting materials:

  • Scrap x3
  • Bolt x1
  • Rope x8

Once you have your fishing rod equipped, use the left mouse button to cast the line, then press again once you get a bite. If you have bait you want to use, right-click while holding the rod to add it to your line. 

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