Radical Heights teases female character model and outfits

Last week, Boss Key Productions revealed and released Radical Heights—an '80s-themed free-to-play battle royale 'em up, set inside a futuristic game show-meets-survival scavenger hunt. Studio frontman Cliff Bleszinski has now teased the game's incoming female character models. 

Revealed via Twitter, Bleszinski didn't specify when the following era-specific fitness instructor-esque models will be introduced to Radical Heights, but did say they're "forthcoming".

The big hairdo, neon jumpsuit, headband and bunchy socks combo certainly mirrors what we've seen so far. Evan, Chris and James shared their impressions of the game's so-called "XTREME" Early Access state last week, wherein they appeared to appreciate its potential despite picking up on quite a few of its rougher edges.

You should read that conversation in full over here, however here's a snapshot of the exchange:

Evan: Pre-alpha AF, and yet, I'm not hating it. It's easy to poke holes in a game this incomplete, but the main thing rubbing me the wrong way is that Rad Heights' biggest potential appeal—the obnoxious '80s-inspired theme—isn't integrated as deeply as it needs to be. The most interesting stuff, like item dispensers and the Wheel of Fortune-style machines that spit out guns and prizes, are sorta just objects in an otherwise ordinary environment rather than weird, cool systems with strong relationships to the rest of the experience. 

James: The way cash works isn't well explained, yeah. I spent my first few matches flailing around trying to figure out how to buy guns. Weapons are scattered around randomly, but you also need to kill people and destroy cash registers and such to find money. Use it at vending machines for health, guns, gear, and such. 

Evan: And there's also like… prize rooms and gift boxes with randomized loot in the environment. Did you run into any of that?

Chris: Yeah! I like the little prize rooms, where you have to wait in front of them, exposed, as a little timer runs down. It feels like the door will slide open and you'll see a dinette set or new luggage or something. I also found a big chunky '80s mobile phone, which I used to call in a supply drop, which was a gift box with a gun in it that fell so far away from me someone else got it. But it was still cool, or as we said in the '80s, mint.

Again, no word on exactly when female character models will be added to Radical Heights, but I suspect we'll see them soon.