PUBG brings first-person servers to all game modes, leaderboards incoming

First-person servers change everything in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so reckons Ian Birnbaum, however until now doing so meant playing exclusively in the game's Solo or Duo queues. Now, first-person servers are available in all game modes. 

They're also now available worldwide, as developer Bluehole announced earlier on Twitter.

As you can see there, Bluehole suggests first-person leaderboards across all regions are en route, while this week's update has now been deployed to the Live Server. 

In case you missed it yesterday, PUBG's Week 20 update addresses a number of bugs—not least one which occasionally disable voice chat on the Starting Island—introduces some optimisations, and lets dead players view their still-living teammates' markers on both the mini and world maps. 

In light of PUBG's recent stream-sniping furore, Chris caught up with a selection of game devs, streamers, and stream-snipers who in turn shared their views of the practice. Here's an interesting snippet from that: 

"'You have to keep in mind a few things,' says Kripp about Hearthstone snipers. 'I changed my username on several times, even throughout [a long period of being stream-sniped], and I do often, not always, but almost every day I stream with a delay. Now the delay is fairly short, rarely do I have it over ten seconds, but if I have a five second delay one day and then the next day I have a twenty second delay, then you're just not going to be able to queue against me because you don't know when I'm queuing.'

"Even with those measures, Kripp has found the problem persists. 'I have been experiencing, in the last few months, even with my efforts, playing against the same players every night in some cases. I remember throughout almost a full month, like a quarter of my losses were to the same person. Right? The same guy queuing against me like every day or every second day. Just absolutely ridiculous.'"