PUBG weekly update lets dead players view markers on mini and world maps

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has deployed its 20th weekly patch to Test Servers ahead of live introduction tomorrow. With it, comes a typical host of bug fixes, some optimisation tweaks, and a world and mini-map adjustment designed to aid team play.  

From front to back, a bug that caused players to stand before crouching has been fixed, as has one which prevented players from rebinding 'Unarm' to an alternate key. Character animations when using throwables in the prone position have been improved, as has default wrist positions on vehicle steering wheels. 

Sadly, a bug that occasionally disabled voice chat on the Starting Island has been fixed, which means you're once again forced to mute the torrent of incoherent racial slurs that exist there. Optimisation improvements target the game's UI, as well as game performance for CPU's boasting six-cores or more.

The latest update's biggest asset, though, lets dead players view their still-living comrade's markers on both the mini-map and the world map. In turn this make tracking the game following your demise a lot easier—and creates scope for remote coaching from the afterlife. Until now, markers placed after you'd met your maker were only visible to your squadmates still in the game.   

As always, this weekly update is live now in PUBG's Test Servers and, all going well, will appear on Live Servers tomorrow.