Project Stealth turns Splinter Cell's Spy vs. Merc multiplayer into standalone game

Project Stealth is a new take on the asymmetrical spy-versus-mercenary multiplayer modes of the Splinter Cell franchise, and it could not look more lovely. All of the tension, the interplay between the hunter and the hunted, and, of course, the many many gadgets. Netherlands-based developer Heartcore Games has just turned to Kickstarter to make their impressive early work into a fully fledged standalone release.

The developers cop to the influence of the Splinter Cell games early: yes, they know it sounds familiar. Yes, they love Splinter Cell, too. I can't hold it against them since Splinter Cell's multiplayer is essentially the only entrant in this weird, hybrid stealth-action genre. For all the many ways we have to shoot rocket launchers at each other in a King of the Hill mode, I think we deserve more than one choice when it comes to more sneaky-stealthy types of competition.

So what makes it different? They really want you to make friends. You're rewarded for having a partner that you play with over and over again. If you decide to take that relationship to the next level, you've got to make a commitment. The proposed Partner System will be a ranked ladder of competitive games, but you get to choose one partner to play with, and only one. You popular kids with multiple friends may have a tough choice ahead of you.

Head over to Project Stealth's Kickstarter page to see the full list of features and more of the excellent art on display. The game is also on Greenlight, which you can find here .