It's classic spies vs. mercs in new Splinter Cell Blacklist video

Upcoming stealthy action game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist has released a new video detailing its Spies vs. Mercs Classic multiplayer mode. As explained by Splinter Cell community developer Zack Cooper, the Classic mode is intended to give new players a useful introduction to multiplayer in the new game.

"Your best strategy is the simplest," reports Cooper in the video. "Communicate with your partner. Use teamwork. Understand that spies and mercs are very different entities. Play to your advantages and learn from the opposition."

As you would expect, the differences between the spies and mercs will likely require some thoughtful interpretation in order to find success in this gametype. Classic mode pits two spies in third-person view against two mercs operating in first-person view. Spies are stealthier and deadlier in close-quarter combat while the mercs get flashlights, automatic weapons and better armor.

The mode's objective is clear and direct. Spies are out to hack some terminals and the mercs try and stop them. But the way in which Splinter Cell is forcing a difference in perspective—first person or third person—between the opposing forces in Classic mode should allow for some intriguing scenarios to surface. It looks like an interesting mix of the complexity and simplicity that we've heard is going to play a big role in the new game.

Splinter Cell Blacklist releases August 30. Check out the gameplay video below.