All Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sidequests and where to find them

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sidequests - The Old Woman
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Conquer Mount Qaf with these Prince of Persia guides

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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There are nine sidequests to complete in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, but the difficulty is finding them in the first place. Mount Qaf is pretty massive, with multiple regions that only unlock once you acquire certain Simurgh powers, gradually expanding the map. Many of these areas have hidden NPCs who'll happily task you with finding all sorts of lost items, or hunting down specific enemies in exchange for a reward.

Some of the game's best amulets come from quests, as do Soma Tree Petals to buff your health, and other important items like Azure Damascus Ingots for upgrading weapons, or Xerxes to spend at The Scrapper in The Depths. Here are all of the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sidequests, where to find them, plus what you'll get for your efforts.

Prophecy of Mount Qaf

  • Location: The Lower City, in a big room just to the right of The Haven
  • Rewards: Arslan's Glory Amulet, Holy Fire Amulet, Amulet Holder, Soma Tree Petal, Soma Tree Flower, Azure Damascus Ingot

This is one of the first sidequests you can encounter while exploring the Lower City, but it doesn't have a quest giver as such. In the quest, you find a giant mural in a room near The Haven that seems weirdly empty except for a jar of sand. Hit the jar to release the sand and fill up a section of the mural. Now, locate 29 more of these Spirited-Sand Jars across Mount Qaf to complete the mural fully. Make sure to return as you do to claim your rewards. 

The Lost Warriors

  • Location: The Lower City, before the Undead Prisoner boss fight
  • Rewards: Xerxes, Soma Tree Petal

This sidequest is impossible to miss since you meet the quest-giver, Nojan, just before the Undead Prisoner boss fight that allows you to enter the Hyrcanian Forest early in the game. Nojan asks you to find and defeat his time-ravaged comrades to collect their Insignias of Persepolis. Once you've found and beaten all eight soldiers, the quest directs you to a final fight for which you'll earn a Soma Tree Petal.

The Deserter

  • Location: Hyrcanian Forest, in a cave shortly after the Wak-Wak Tree where you meet Kamil
  • Rewards: Soma Tree Petal

This quest is quite easy to miss since the soldier is hidden in a cave above the main path. He asks you to find his missing comrade, but when you find his friend in the Hyrcanian Forest, it turns out he's dead. You can, however, loot a cannonball from the body and return to the soldier. He'll blast his way out of the cave and give you a Soma Tree Petal for your trouble.

Ancient Power Unearthed

  • Location: The Haven, inside Kaheva's Forge
  • Rewards: Shield of Mithra Amulet

After you return from the Hyrcanian Forest, you can enter Kaheva's Forge in The Haven and undertake this quest. It's a pretty simple one; head to the map marker and complete the movement puzzle to gather the raw ore. Bring this back to Kaheva and she'll forge you the Shield of Mithra Amulet.

The Moon Gatherer

  • Location: The Sacred Archives, to the far left of the first Wak-Wak Tree you find in the area
  • Rewards: Dragon King Amulet, an extra healing potion

A scholar called the Moon Gatherer in the Sacred Archives is on the hunt for pieces of the missing moon. After your initial encounter, where he very kindly gives you the Dragon King Amulet, you can find him in five other locations across Mount Qaf where you'll need to free him from varying predicaments in order to earn your reward.

Motherly Love

  • Location: The Depths, in a room to the right of where you fall down in chapter three
  • Rewards: Indomitable Spirit Amulet

This cloaked old woman found in The Depths asks you to avenge her children by defeating an undead version of the Elrik boar boss you fought when you first visited the Hyrcanian Forest. This boss is also found in The Depths in a room to the far left of where the woman is located on the map. Defeat the boss, investigate the room behind, then leave the room and fight one more short battle to get your reward.

Treasure of the Seven Seas

  • Location: Sunken Harbor, in a ruined ship towards the right side of the area
  • Rewards: Xerxes and Time Crystals

This pirate captain, located in a grounded ship in the Sunken Harbor, asks you to locate his missing treasure parrot. This can be found to the right of his location on the map. Upon bringing the bird back, the captain will give you a Xerxes and reveal other treasure chests in the Sunken Harbor that you can grab.

The Impossible Climb

  • Location: The Upper City, right from the entrance to the Simurgh Gate
  • Rewards: Azure Damascus Ingot

A pretty straightforward quest that you won't be able to access until you're almost at the end of the game and have the Fabric of Time ability. A hermit challenges you to solve a movement puzzle by collecting three bells from different locations in his room. This is a very difficult platforming puzzle that utilises the abilities you've earned throughout the game. If you manage to triumph, you'll get that Azure Damascus Ingot.

The Architect

  • Location: The Upper City, on the far right side of the area
  • Rewards: Soma Tree Flower, plus the contents of each Mystery Chest you open

Also found in the Upper City once you have the Fabric of Time ability, Maryam the Architect requests that you locate nine Mystery Chests hidden around Mount Qaf. Each of these chests requires you to complete a little puzzle, but they are easy to recognise because of the metal plate you'll find on the ground. You can locate the first by heading left out of The Haven towards the two bird-headed archer statues, then jump and fire your bow in the same direction for both to make the chest appear.

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