Pretty puzzler The Sojourn gets a release date and a new trailer

The Sojourn is a first-person puzzle game where you can wander around a striking, serene world while pondering the nature of reality, as one normally does when sauntering. Though it's a bit debilitated and lonely, it's a fetching place, and what better a setting than mystical ruins to begin unravelling existential conundrums? 

This peaceful world has a problem, of course, which you'll have to solve on the road to enlightenment. The world's being assaulted by darkness, so you'll have to hop between parallel light and dark worlds to banish whatever insidious force is wrecking this chill place. 

Puzzle games really can't get enough of the dichotomy between light and darkness, and I could use a break, but The Sojourn looks so exceedingly pretty that maybe I can forgive it. Take a gander at some screenshots below.

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

The Sojourn is due out on the Epic Games Store on September 20. 

Fraser Brown
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