Point Break DLC comes to Payday 2 tomorrow

Payday 2 Point Break DLC

Last year, Overkill released John Wick DLC for Payday 2 that brought the Keanu Reeves action-thriller into the game with a new playable character, weapons, and three—three!—pairs of sunglasses. Now the studio's got something very similar in the works for Point Break. Unlike its predecessor, however, this DLC is not based on the Keanu Reeves action-thriller, but rather the upcoming, entirely unnecessary (and probably dreadful) remake that will feature Luke Bracey in the Reeves role of Johnny Utah.

"Point Break has always been a huge inspiration for the Payday games, so to be able to integrate the film's characters and storylines into Payday 2 is a dream come true," Bo Andersson-Klint, CEO of Overkill parent Starbreeze Studios, said in a statement. "We previously worked closely with Lionsgate on the successful addition of their character John Wick as a member of the Payday gang, so using that same business model, Lionsgate introduced us to Alcon and Warner Bros. to create two Point Break heists that we believe are some of the best to date."

Two separate pieces of Point Break DLC are on the way. The Bodhi Character Pack, which will bring the super-surfer leader of the Ex-Presidents gang to the game (played in the original by Patrick Swayze and in the do-overby some guy named Édgar Ramírez in the do-over) along with a couple of new weapons, perks, and masks, will be free. The Point Break Heists DLC, containing a pair of brand new heists, ten new achievements, a new pistol, four melee weapons, six new songs, and a new contact, will sell for $7.

The Point Break DLC for Payday 2 is set to go live on December 3. Find out more at Overkillsoftware.com.

Andy Chalk

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