Payday 2 gets free John Wick DLC

John Wick DLC

John Wick is a movie starring Keanu Reeves about a retired super-assassin who goes on a rampage when a Russian mobster kills the dog that was the last gift given to him by his dying wife. I am totally not making that up, and to prove it I present to you the John Wick DLC for Payday 2.

The John Wick DLC includes a new playable character by the name of John Wick—not much surprise there—a new Hitman perk deck featuring the Akimbo ability, the Chimano Compact pistol with a dozen mods, the URSA Tanto knife, and three new pairs of sunglasses, one of which is only usable by Mr. Wick himself. Sadly, an adorable, dangerously-low-HP puppy dog AI sidekick is not part of the package.

I'm not generally a fan of cross-media promotions, but this one gets a pass for two reasons. One, I freakin' love this John Wick trailer (and I have every intention of being in line on launch day), and two, as part of the Payday 2 Crimefest promotion, it's free, so regardless of your interest in the movie, it's not like you've got much to lose. And if, on the other hand, you can't wait for John Wick but have no idea about Payday 2, purchasing tickets to the film through Fandango will net you a free download of the game.

The one bit of bad news is that the DLC can apparently cause crashes to modded games. Workarounds have been posted in the Payday 2 Steam forum, but if you run into grief you may have to uninstall the mods until they've been updated.

The John Wick DLC is live now on Steam, while John Wick the film, for those who've developed an interest in seeing puppy-killers get some hot lead comeuppance, opens in theaters on October 24.

Andy Chalk

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