PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds teases new gun due in next update

Last month's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Monthly Update introduced a new sniper rifle, new stock attachments, and some pretty neat stunt-provoking motorbike physics. Looking to the following month's June update at the time, the game's creator Brendan Greene suggested he and his team would be "spending the next month focused on server performance" and as such we "should see a bigger improvement" when the next one rolls out. 

Whether that turns out to be the case remains to be seen, however we now know PUBG's June update will also come packing a new firearm: the Glock 18-C. 

Pictured in the header image above and revealed during the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds DreamHack tournament below, the Glock 18-C is a selective fire (semi/full) pistol that's compatible with red dot scopes and silencers, as relayed by the game's animation and gameplay lead Smookie here

Ammo-wise, the Glock 18-C takes 9mm rounds. 

So, over to all you PUBG-ers out there: do you see yourselves relying on precision shots from this shooter once it arrives—or are you more of a blind shotgunning, confused-by-doors type of player like myself? Let us know the comments south of here.