Planet Coaster unveils Halloween-themed Spooky Pack with new rides and scenery

With Halloween just around the corner, Planet Coaster has unveiled the Spooky Pack—a new so-called "cauldron of creativity" with new rides, scenery pieces, entertainers and more. 

It's out now and has a launch trailer. Cue bats, skeletons, pumpkins and... you probably know the drill. Have a gander for yourself:

Suitably Halloween-themed, Planet Coaster's Spooky Pack brings with it "hundreds" of scenery pieces including static and animated attachments, shop fronts, special effects, custom signs and triggerable coaster doors. A new building set means players can craft their own nightmarescapes from scratch, or insert scary set pieces into existing parks.

The Spooky Pack also gives players two new rides in The Hoax and The Huntsman. The former is a free-spinning haunted house-type affair, while the latter is the game's first ever motion platform ride. 

The King Coaster entertainer also makes way for, yup, the King Ghoster. "The newest Planet Coaster entertainer will haunt players’ parks and offer hair-raising entertainment for those who dare to visit," so says Frontier in a statement.

Planet Coaster's Spooky Pack is out now via Steam and the Frontier Store. It'll set you back £7.99/$10.99.