Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC will haunt your park soon

Frontier has a few parks to manage now, but it's still giving Planet Coaster some attention, especially since it's become a hot spot for spectral activity. Today the developer announced a Ghostbusters DLC pack—trailer above—featuring a new narrative campaign, themed rides, new scenery pieces, and banter from Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton, reprising their roles and Dr. Stantz and Walter Peck. 

I can never have too much stuff to cram inside my theme parks, but this new DLC has some troubling implications. Why are there so many ghosts in the park that we need to get a ghost expert to help us out? How many people have died in our park that we don't know about?

Until now, it seemed like guests were immortal. They got a bit sick on rides that were too thrilling for mere mortals, but they always stepped off the rides with all their limbs intact. Planet Coaster has just been shielding us from the truth: we've killed loads of people. I don't think whimsical rides are going to fix the guilt I'm now overcome with. 

OK, maybe they will help. The Ghostbusters Experience in particular sounds like a neat addition to a park. It's an interactive ride that lets guests and players become a Ghostbuster and shoot ghosts with their Proton Gun in an attempt to get a high score. So it's a ride and a minigame. 

The Ghostbusters Experience is accompanied by a Slimer-themed rollercoaster, scenery pieces that include the Ghostbuster's HQ and the ECTO-1, sound effects from the movie and the original Ghostbusters theme. 

Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters will start haunting the game soon. It'll set you back £13/$15, but a free update will launch alongside it, featuring bug fixes and a new ride. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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