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The next PC Gaming Show will air on Thursday, November 30, with a new end-of-year format that we think you'll like.

Our second broadcast in 2023, PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted will deliver a ranked countdown of the 25 most exciting unreleased PC games, featuring new trailers, information, and announcements. The show will also include new game reveals and spotlight many more wishlist-worthy games beyond the 25. 

In a new format for the show, the Most Wanted list will be decided by a wide panel of more than 50 industry luminaries, content creators, and critics from multiple publications, who together are participating in a special voting process created by PC Gamer.

This illustrious panel includes Sid Meier (of the Civilization franchise), Brian Fargo, Studio Head at Inxile Entertainment (Wasteland 3, Torment: Tides of Numenera), and Steven Spohn, Director of AbleGamers. Many more creators, developers, and voices representing the breadth of perspectives that make up the gaming industry are to be announced.

PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted will be hosted by Frankie Ward, a regular figure of international esports events across games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Frankie first appeared on the PC Gaming Show in 2018 and was last seen being converted into an AI overmind. (She's doing much better now, thanks.)

Watch the broadcast live on November 30 on,, Steam, and other channels. The broadcast time, participating games, and full list of industry voters will be announced at a later date.

PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted is being presented in partnership with Intel. Stay tuned for updates here and on

If you're interested in participating in the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, email Melissa Makhmaltchi:

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