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PC Gamer US Podcast #323 - Newell News

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Join Tyler, Logan, Evan, and T.J. as they stab silence in the heart with talk of PlanetSide 2 , KOTOR II modding heroes , Steam's dominance (opens in new tab) , Windows 8 (opens in new tab) , and the possibility that Gabe Newell is a time traveler. Plus, T.J. breaks up with WoW, Evan explores the fun mechanics of Counter-Strike, and new voices join in for a special edition of DayZ storytime.

PC Gamer US Podcast 323: Newell News

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Full links to what we talked about:

PlanetSide 2 beta incoming

KOTOR II restored

Why Minecraft isn't on Steam (opens in new tab)

Windows 8 Gabe hate (opens in new tab)

Mists of Pandaria

Tyler's Planetside preview

Braid dev interview

Cute Things Dying Violently



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