Planetside 2 beta release "next Mon or Tuesday"

Are you ready to jump into Planetside 2? If you have a beta key, you might get that chance on "MON OR TUESDAY" according to a tweet from SOE president John Smedley. Invites will go out in waves with priority going to veterans of the first game but codes grabbed from our mag giveaways will be invited "very early" according to a follow up tweet .

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YES. Time to start making battle plans. What faction will you join? Will you fly dropships, jump into mechs or get your hands bloody as a frontline soldier? We've been busy developing our strategies , but you can learn much more about what it's like to play from Tyler's Planetside 2 preview . For in-game footage, check out this trailer for the Terran Republic .

If you prefer something a little more bombastic, there's always the CGI trailer that dropped a few hours ago, showing the unlikely escapade of a single soldier rampaging across the battlefield. Apparently, some of those moves are possible in-game. "I have personally landed on a galaxy in mid flight. The other day I saw a drop pod take out a galaxy and the galaxy hit a reaver" tweets Smedley. We look forward to trying to surf planes as soon as the beta gates open.

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