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PC Gamer US Podcast #269: Portals Party

Josh, Dan, Evan, Anthony, and Lucas believe they're recording just another podcast in just another average recording studio. But in reality, Aperture Science is bathing the room in radiation to test out their new Superhero mutation program! Will it work? Will Dan grow a third arm to battle crime as The Arm of the Law? Will Evan finally get the built-in, mind-controlled jetpack he's always dreamed of, and rightly deserves? At the very least, the radiation seems to have affected some of their judgments (Josh, we're looking at you and your opinion of Super Meat Boy). Join us as we talk about all the big news swirling around Portal 2, Battlefield 3 pre-order incentives, your listener questions and more!

PC Gamer US Podcast 269: Portals Party

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In addition, don't forget to enter the Intel trailer editing contest that we discuss at the end of the podcast here .

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