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PC Gamer US podcast 236 - Stick Time

Epic-length two-hour podcast! Evan, Logan, Josh, Dan, Andy and newcomer Chris Comiskey relay a flood of news coming out of Germany's Gamescom. Relic's Dawn of War II expands while Dawn of War III peeks over the horizon, Torchlight 2's co-op trailer triggers a Pavlovian drool response, Jagged Alliance goes online, and Microsoft brings back Age of Empires and Flight Simulator - sort of. Then we play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's Collector's Edition: buy or no buy, answer listener questions and interview the CEO of hardcore strategy publisher Paradox Interactive.

Download it here!

Note: While we continue to work on fixing the persistent iTunes feed problem, please follow these instructions to re-add the podcast to iTunes manually:

In iTunes, go to to the advanced menu and select "Subscribe to podcast" and copy and paste this URL into the box:

Push OK, and that's it! The podcast will now auto-download again.

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