PC Gamer is hiring a social media editor in the UK

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It is 2023 and absolutely none of us can stop posting, so why not turn it into a career? PC Gamer is looking for a social media editor to work the delicate instruments of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and whatever Twitter is calling itself this week. 

As social media editor, your job will be to create, distribute and fine-tune social media output for PC Gamer across all the platforms listed above and any new ones that take the world by storm in the future. Working alongside PCG's global team of over 20 writers and editors, you'll help craft the tone of our various social channels, driving audiences to our website and other projects while keeping abreast of trends and developments in social media and using them to inform our strategy. You'll also have to catch the typos I sometimes leave in social copy. Deliberately. As a test.

There's one position available but you can apply to work out of either our Bath or London office here in the UK. You can find both those listings and some more details here:

What kind of person are we looking for? While experience is always handy, you don't need to have worked on social media for a gaming site in the past to apply. If you're a smart, creative person with expertise in making and managing content across a range of platforms—and using the tools built on top of them—we probably want to hear from you. Proficiency with tech like Photoshop and Premiere and a knack for delivering pieces-to-camera would be an excellent advantage, too.

Oh, and a deep well of knowledge about all things gaming wouldn't go amiss, either!

We've got quite a few perks to tempt you here at PCG. For one thing, we offer unlimited time off, but there's more to it than that. Our publisher, Future, also offers a profit pool bonus to every member of staff at the end of the financial year, and there's all sorts of opportunities for training and education whether you want to branch out or sharpen your existing skills.

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