PC Gamer Digital is live on Steam!

IT'S HERE. The future of games coverage. The world of tomorrow . PC Gamer Digital has arrived!

In other words, the PC Gamer Digital app and Episode 1 are now live on Steam .

So in addition to the world's best-selling PC games magazine and the world's most popular PC gaming website, PC Gamer now offers a revolutionary new way to explore and experience PC games alongside the PC Gamer team as well as the entire community of PC gamers on Steam!

PC Gamer Digital is about hands-on experiences and first-person strategy guides. It's about getting inside upcoming games yourself and getting more out of the games you already own. It's a digital companion that you can enjoy on your own as well as enjoy with the same friends you'll be fighting alongside after the apocalypse.

PC Gamer Digital is about everything that makes PC gaming unique, inspiring, creative, and let's face it—light years ahead of every other gaming platform in the world.

The PC Gamer Digital application itself is free and includes free content that shows off some of the cool stuff we're doing in the Digital, including our GameView strategy guide to Team Fortress 2's Dustbowl (narrated by our own golden-throated Evan Lahti) and our Slider Gallery that lets you experiment in realtime with in-game graphics settings so you understand exactly what they do because “anisotropic” is not a word that's as easy to grasp as “headshot.”

Here are some answers to questions I've heard since the beta:

OK, so, how much does it cost?

Episodes will be delivered weekly at $1.99 each. You'll be able to purchase back episodes from the Steam store at any time.

Will PC Gamer Digital be available worldwide?

PC Gamer Digital will be available at launch in the US, and will expand worldwide in about two weeks.

Wait, wut? Why aren't you launching worldwide?

I apologize for the limited initial release! It's part legal stuff (isn't it always), but also part load-testing: we want to make sure the launch rolls out as smoothly as possible. (Now we know how developers feel.) We'll post an announcement here as soon as we have an international release date.

Can I buy a subscription?

Subscriptions aren't yet part of the Steam store infrastructure (which is why you still have to buy Sam and Max episodes, for example, one at a time), but they're coming soon!

I encourage you to send your comments and feedback about PC Gamer Digital to pcgdfeedback@pcgamer.com anytime! And you're welcome to contact me directly at logan@pcgamer.com if you'd prefer.

You're the most sophisticated, critical, creative, and hands-on gamers in the world, so you deserve a new medium that caters to you. You deserve a new medium that does more for you.

That's PC Gamer Digital. Come have a look on Steam. And be a better gamer!