PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 14: The (sort of) PrE3 episode

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Welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! It's officially June and you know what that means: It's announcement season, baby. This week we have Wes Fenlon back on the pod to have a little pre-brief about the whole summer showcase bonanza.

Now, of course, the summer announcement season isn't quite the huge event it used to be. E3 is gone, possibly forever. Summer Game Fest has sort of taken its place, but a ton of developers and publishers have started doing their own thing instead, while also being considerate enough to do it all within some kind of schedule. 

Regardless, it's still an exciting time for our favourite games. With Wes heading off to sunny LA to peruse some cool games next week, we chat about some of our most anticipated showcases and huff a little bit of copium for announcements we're hoping for. We also discuss some total wildcards that we would like to see at the show, and of course we couldn't help but mention that funny little space game Bethesda's been working on. Not only that, but we chat a little bit about how we spend this season both behind the keyboard and simply enjoying the shows with our pals.

For once, we also have our guest joining us for our weekly introduction and catch-up. All three of us will be chatting about what we got up to in the last week. What have we been playing? Was it good? How many times did Wes kick my ass at Street Fighter 6? Is Lauren still deep in her Roots of Pacha hole? Probably.

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Mollie Taylor
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