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Payday 2's latest video showcases the safehouse, boasts terrifying wall o' masks

Payday 2 showcased its four different classes of dirty rotten robbers t'other day , and now it's time for a rundown of the lovely things you'll be able to do with your ill-gotten gains. Jaunt to the Bahamas? A squad of private jets? A controlling interest in Facebook? Don't be silly. You keep it all in a big vault in a run-down house, so you can rub it all over your body, Scrooge McDuck style. Which is to say that Payday 2 features a between-mission safehouse, and quite a nifty one too.

As Overkill's David Goldfarb explains in the below video, your available cash will be represented in-game by a giant pile o' money, which I find infinitely more pleasing than a mere number of a menu screen. You'll also be able to pimp your safehouse to some degree, but its main function is as a place to become familiar with your many gadgets, without having to worry about being shot at by the police. In that respect I suppose it's better that it's a low-key domicile, rather than some giant gold mansion on the moon.

Payday 2 is currently in beta, though it releases for realsies on August 28th. We recently went hands-on with Overkill's exciting heist simulator, and made off with a bunch of impressions scot-free .