Payday 2 video shows off the roles of the robbers


Emptying the vault of high-security bank can be somewhat tricky. There are guards, cameras and that one bank employee who tries to be a hero and pushes the shiny red button under their desk when they aren't supposed to. It's why we bank robbers have specific roles to play, which Payday 2 's game director explains in this video.

The “Mastermind” archetype is the brains of the operation and tasked with keeping all the poor, innocent bank-goers from dialing a certain set of three numbers into their smartphones while the Technician hauls around bombs and sentry guns to convert the bank into a deadly fortress.

Those who play as the Enforcer are basically a tank who soaks up bullets for the team while providing additional ammo to anyone who runs dry. All that leaves is the Ghost, who specializes in picking locks, disabling alarms and tries to keep unnecessary noise to a minimum.

All the classes come with a skill tree for you to browse and customize your robber of choice. For example, the Technician can eventually deploy trip mines more quickly an d increase the number of bombs his bag can carry once he has a few successful robberies under his belt. Payday 2 looked pretty good when we got our hands on it not too long ago, but we'll have a more definitive opinion of its quality when it comes out on August 13.