Party Animals is Gang Beasts but with adorable fuzzy animals

Party Animals
(Image credit: Recreate Games)

Cute and cuddly Party Animals is releasing some time next year.

The chaotic physics-based party game had a free demo on Steam towards the end of last year, but we've seen relatively little of it since. The game has some heavy Gang Beast vibes—tugging and pulling your competitors to their death or whacking them over the head with whatever item you can get your hands on. 

It looks like there's a bunch of different minigames to face off in, like wrestling each other off of a moving train or headbutting other furry friends off a cliff. Or you can fight each other over a giant gummy bear sweet, or stuff another animal down an incinerator if that's your prerogative.

These rather violent critters are adorable though: there are tigers, dinosaurs, cats, cows, and a very cool-looking punk pig to choose from. There's something slightly jarring about watching a gang of cute animals tear each other to shreds, but it looks a whole lot of fun regardless.

Party Animals will release sometime in 2022, and you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

Mollie Taylor
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