Where to find the Black Marketeer to buy and sell Pals in Palworld

Palworld Black Marketeer - Petting a Pal
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If you find your vault packed with cute creatures in Palworld, the Black Marketeer and Pal Merchants are where you can buy or sell Pals for cash, or to free up space in your Palbox. There isn't a way to release Pals, so pawning them off to merchants is the primary way to make space. 

While you can catch or kill Pals to farm just about anything, such as leather, a lot of these materials can be purchased from Wandering Merchants, and so a more effective way to farm them is to farm money instead and purchase all you need.

Selling off your spare Pals is a great way to get more gold, and if you amass enough, you can even use that money to buy rarer Pals you may not have encountered yet. If you're going all Team Rocket and stealing Pals from other trainers, you can even sell those, too. All that said, here's where to find the Black Marketeer so you can buy and sell Pals.

How to buy and sell Pals

There are two different ways to buy and sell Pals in Palworld. The first is via the Pal Merchants you can find in the game's main settlements. In contrast to the Wandering Merchants wearing red, these salesmen are dressed in dark blue, and will both buy your spare Pals and offer a selection of Pals for you to purchase.

You can find the first Pal Merchant in the Small Settlement to the west across the water from where you start in the Windswept Hills. Simply head up the stairs in the centre of town near the table to find them in a shack. There's also a Pal Merchant in Duneshelter in the far north Sand Dunes area who you can find on the left side of the marketplace as you enter.

The second way to buy and sell Pals is through Black Marketeers. While there's one of these shady dealers hidden in each region, the first you're likely to find is in the Abandoned Mineshaft to the northwest of the Small Settlement. What makes the Black Marketeers unique is that they usually sell a rarer selection of Pals, but they'll also buy Pals you've stolen off other players. 

If you're wondering where to sell any Syndicate Thugs or "human Pals" you happened to have captured, both merchant types will purchase these.


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