Overkill's The Walking Dead trailer reveals the game's final survivor

The fourth and final playable hero in Overill's The Walking Dead is Heather, a kindergarten teacher turned hardened survivor who's introduced in yet another deeply unhappy trailer that's also somehow even more brutal than the previous three. 

It's interesting (and well-established in the Walking Dead world) that the most dangerous threat to survivors isn't the hordes of undead, but other survivors: Fellow humans who won't think twice about killing you to take your stuff. I had actually hoped that the encounter seen in the trailer would end with friends made, or at least a civil exchange of goods, but deep down I knew it was never going to happen: The Walking Dead is not The Talking It Out, after all. I didn't expect its in-your-face savagery, though. It's fine, I get it—the end of the world is a tough place—but I hope that the level of violence seen in the trailer is given some context within the game, rather than just tossed around now and then for shock value.

(Also, if it was me I would've kept the key.) 

Overkill's The Walking Dead is set to come out sometime in the fall. If you haven't already done so, be sure to get acquainted with Heather's fellow survivors Grant, Maya, and Aidan

Andy Chalk

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