Our favorite 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor is $100 cheaper for Cyber Monday

Dell S2722DGM
(Image credit: Dell)
Dell S2722DGM | 27-inch | 165Hz | 1440p | VA | $299.99 $199.99 at Dell (save $100)

Dell S2722DGM | 27-inch | 165Hz | 1440p | VA | $299.99 $199.99 at Dell (save $100)
Our favorite overall gaming monitor is the pricey, ultrawide 34" Alienware QD-OLED, but our top 1440p pick is this good old fashioned 16:9 display from Dell. It was discounted to $250 over the summer, and now it's down to $200. A great pick for a midrange build.

Price check: Walmart $309.32

Our favorite 1440p gaming monitor is on sale for $199.99 from Dell, and it's a genuine discount: The same 27-inch display is currently over $300 at Walmart, and sold out at Amazon and other retailers I checked.

The Dell S2722DGM is the top 1440p 16:9 display we recommend in our guide to the best gaming monitors. Its response time isn't quite as low as that of a typical IPS display—2ms vs 1ms—but its VA panel gets you a better contrast ratio, and at $200, it's a great pick for any midrange PC setup. 

At 1440p, your PC will have to work pretty darn hard to produce more frames per second than this display's 165Hz max refresh rate, and the FreeSync Premium support will help prevent screen tearing. The base is made of plastic, but our reviewer found it sturdy, and the height and tilt are adjustable. 

(I personally like having a monitor that can swivel and rotate into portrait mode, but I rarely find a reason to use those features.)

You can find our full Dell S2722DGM review here, but the gist is that it's a just a good, basic display, and while that means it doesn't have a fancy new OLED panel and won't surround your head with an ultra-ultra-ultra-wide aspect ratio, it also means that it doesn't cost as much as the PC hooked up to it.

Back in the summer, we noted that the Dell S2722DGM was on sale for $250, so this deal represents another $50 off the last best price we saw. (It did make it all the way down to $180 in 2022, but only very briefly on Amazon, probably as a lightning deal.)

Head to our monitor deals hub if you want to survey the full landscape of monitor discounts before making a decision.

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