Origin PC's refreshed Chronos fits a Titan X in a tiny chassis


Origin has unveiled a new iteration of its Chronos desktop, its smallest PC ever, and for its size, it's pretty impressive.

Despite dimensions of just 11.75 x 4 x 13.75-inches, Origin has somehow managed to find enough space for an Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, up to an Intel Core i7 5960X or i7 6700K processor, up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, four 2.5-inch SSDs and one 3.5-inch storage drive. Origin has even managed to squeeze a one-of-a-kind-liquid cooling system in there.

You're also able to use the case horizontally, vertically, or even upside down, making it look more like a console than a powerful little PC. At a glance, this iteration of the Chronos seems much better suited to a living room setup than last year's hulking Omega, although without the space for dual GPUs.

The new Chronos will be available next month.