Open world, turn-based RPG AntharioN out this montH


Open world, turn-based, party-based RPG AntharioN is looking absolutely lovely, in an Amiga sort of way. It's an ambitious game, crowdfunded a couple of years ago, and releasing—oooh—in less than two weeks. July 15th, to be exact.

Devs Orphic Software say their game is "an epic old-school fantasy RPG that combines tactical turn-based combat with the freedom of a huge living-breathing open world. You'll create and customize a party of four: choosing from seven races, nine classes and fifteen skills, before setting out to explore the fully interactive continent of Antharion. Explore dungeons, get thrown in jail, discover hidden passageways, burglarize homes, read books, create potions, become an infamous pickpocket, embark on a journey at sea and discover uncharted islands or persuade NPCs to do your bidding".

Baldur’s Gate, The Elder Scrolls, Ultima VII and Pool of Radiance are all mentioned as inspirations, but I'm getting of a bit of a Wizardry/Might & Magic feel from the following trailer (only isometric rather than first-person, obviously). The bright, cheery, mid-90s art style won't appeal to everyone, but this could be something pretty special if the team manage to fulfil their sizeable ambitions. (Thanks, Blue's News.)

Tom Sykes

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