How to get Oobsidian in Ooblets

ooblets oobsidian
(Image credit: Glumberland)

If you're looking to pick up more Oobsidian in Ooblets, then you're in the right place. Ooblets is filled with all kinds of activities and tasks in town, and whether you enjoy making friends with the townsfolk, tending to your farm, or spending far too many Gummies on cool clothing, there’s always something to do. 

However, gathering and managing resources is equally important in progressing and unlocking the best tools in the game, and Oobsidian can be rare to find in your everyday walks around Badgetown. So, here's what Ooblets Oobsidian is, how to get it, and why you want the precious resource.

Ooblets Oobsidian: What is it?

This is an uncommon resource, and you won’t see requested often early on as part of your regular Tinstlet’s Tasks, but Oobsidian will quickly become essential to craft important tools such as Oobcoops. According to the in-game description it consists of "rare mystery pebbles found throughout Oob, thought to be a hardened by-product created by gleamy ooblets".

How to get Oobsidian

The official description hints at one of the ways you can get Oobsidian, which is through Ooblets’ equivalent of shinies in Pokémon: gleamies. These rare variants can be found in town, differentiated by their vibrant color around them. Once you win their seed in a dance competition, wait until they grow and assign them to your Oobcoop. Along with lending a hand on your farm, they have a chance of generating Oobsidian.

Hunting down gleamy ooblets is, of course, easier said than done, but there are other ways in which you can hunt down this resource. Your farm is the best place to start, as smashing rocks has a chance of dropping Oobsidian. This action requires six energy each time, though, so cook yourself some food or grab a snack beforehand to replenish your energy.

You can also just pick up Oobsidian on the grounds of Badegtown, but it's rare. As reference, I found two during the first four in-game days, so there is some out there. They can be on the main plaza, the beach, or even inside people’s houses—check these spots often, even if you only visited them the day before. It'll only take a couple of minutes out of your normal routine, and if you’re doing tasks there’s an, albeit slim, chance you'll stumbling on some.

There’s a chance to fish them during sea dangling (fishing, to you and me) on the town’s beach, too, so make sure to recycle items and create bait whenever you have resources to spare or just pick up plenty of empty cans from the ground. 

Then, if you're still in desperate need of Oobsidian in Ooblets, and you have already exhausted every other possibility, you can purchase it for 100 Wishies each at the well, which is a hefty price. Thankfully, if you follow the other previous steps each day, it shouldn't come to that.