Ooblets gets a Halloween region in its first big update

(Image credit: Glumberland)

Ooblets developer Glumberland, alias Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser, recently shared their development roadmap for the game, including a big update for September that will include a whole new region called Nullwhere, as well as uncommon and gleamy versions of existing oobs. 

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Originally, Wasser said the pair planned for a sort of small Halloween event for their October update, but the recent screenshots revealed on Twitter offer something even more exciting—Nullwhere is looking all-around spooky, with some lightning, fog, and character costumes really setting the mood. The update should be ready by the end of this month, and while the Halloween fun may have to end at some point, the region of Nullwhere itself, an explorable region with its own small storyline similar to Mamoonia, is here to stay.