How to get more Clothlets in Ooblets

ooblets clothlet
(Image credit: Glumberland)

Looking for more of the Ooblets Clothlet resource? Not only does Glumberland's indie game give you an escape from city life, it sends you out to a small town filled with all sorts of charming creatures. 

But the fun and games may grind to a halt if you don't spend time gathering materials and making the best use out of them. Clothlet in particular seems really scarce at first, so here’s a few ways in which you can ensure a steady flow of it early on.

Ooblets Clothlet: What is it?

Clothlets allow you to craft tools like sprinklers for your farm, so the more you have in your inventory for your daily ventures, the better.

This resource is likely to appear in many requests in town, from Tinstlet’s Tasks that see you helping other villagers, or as a trade with wild ooblets that trigger dance battles against them.

How to get Clothlet

As with many other resources in Ooblets, you can find Clothlets just by roaming around Badgetown. Keep an eye for the lollipop-like things in the ground, either on the main plaza, the beach, inside of houses or in people’s backyards. Note, however, that items take a while to respawn, sometimes even a full day. They can be rather uncommon compared to other resources, so don’t make this your go-to way to obtain them.

Another way to get more this precious item is to buy them with Gummies at the Wishie Well. The price of ten Wishies each is pretty steep, but it's an option if you're feeling impatient and don't want to go searching. The final option is to grow them with Clothplant Seeds—more on that below.

How to get Clothplant Seeds in Ooblets

A great way to get a good amount of Clothlet early on is to clean the weeds from your farm. Just enter farm mode to display the grid, and grab every weed in your way. This gives you a chance for weeds to drop a Clothplant Seed, which you can then plant on your farm. Keep in mind that cleaning weeds will costs three energy each time, so keep a snack or two handy.

Of course, having seeds isn't the same as finding already-grown Clothlets, but it’s a start. Plant and water them as soon as possible, and if you find yourself in a hurry, you can always use a fertilizer to speed up the process.

You can also purchase more seeds at 32 Gummies each at Meed’s Seeds. Again, this is a bit expensive, but there are sales every now and then, so be sure to stop by Meed’s on your way to town. Purchasing and growing seeds is slow compared with just picking up ready-to-use Clothlet, but Ooblets is all about patience and letting go, so take the time to catch up with the townsfolk and unwind as your cloth plants grow.