NZXT’s newest mid-tower cases aim to deliver a lot of bang for your buck

NZXT seems to have a solid understanding of what builders look for when piecing together a system, hence why its H700i and S340 both appear in our list of the best mid-tower cases. Now the company is rolling out a pair of new mid-tower options that look equally intriguing, the H500 and H500i.

The H500i is especially interesting because it's a $99.99 case that ships with a Smart Device, which is a fan and RGB lighting controller that is compatible with NZXT's CAM system monitoring software. It essentially combines the functions of the company's HUE+ and GRID+ products, which run $59.99 and $29.99, respectively.

That's a compelling value-add. If that stuff doesn't interest you, however, the H500 strips out the Smart Controller for a cheaper $69.99 price tag. Beyond that, the only other differences between the two is that the H500i also comes with a vertical GPU mount to show off your graphics cards (you have to supply your own riser cable) and an RGB light strip.

"With the H500, we’ve taken everything we learned from both our top-selling S340 line and our recent H Series products to offer an updated, feature-rich chassis that continues our commitment to designing affordable premium hardware," said Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder, and CEO. "From the stunning tempered glass to its durable all-steel construction, the H500 and H500i give builders of all levels everything they need to build an extraordinary gaming machine."

We haven't had time to full test either case ourselves, but the early reviews seem to agree with Hou's statement.

As with other similar cases in NZXT's lineup, you can install a pair of 2.5-inch SSDs behind the motherboard tray, or move the trays to the front and plop them on top of the power supply shroud. There's also a drive cage that supports two 3.5-inch HDDs.

These cases come with two 120mm fans, one up top and another in the rear. You can add up to two more 120mm or 140mm fans in the front for additional air cooling, or install up to a 280mm radiator to liquid cool your setup.

The H500 and H500i are both available now direct from NZXT in white and black, all black, black and red, and black and blue color options.

Paul Lilly

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