Nvidia teases 'something super' ahead of AMD’s Navi GPU launch

Nvidia posted a cryptic tweet today teasing "something super" from its GeForce account, and it has our minds running wild at what it could be. Might Nvidia be prepping a new graphics card launch? It's possible, but our guess is something different—probably something to do with software.

Whatever it is, the timing is certainly interesting. AMD is planning to launch its next-generation Navi GPU architecture either at Computex next week or during E3 in June, and has pegged availability of shipping products in the third quarter.

Nvidia could steal some of AMD's thunder by launching new hardware. However, it's rumored that AMD's initial Navi products will not take the performance crown from Nvidia, and that the Radeon VII (based on 7nm Vega) will remain its top part.

So, what else might Nvidia be prepping, if not new hardware? One possibility is Super DLSS. In the early going, there was talk of DLSS 2X, which is basically DLSS applied to the chosen resolution to enhance the image without upscaling.

If that's what it is, Nvidia could take things a step further and make Super DLSS available at major resolutions—no more 'you need to be running 1440p or 4K to use DLSS on a 2080' business. Wouldn't that be neat.

Super DXR is another possibility, albeit a remote one, consisting of a tweak to make ray tracing easier and faster. Or maybe a combination of both, marketed as Super RTX!

If it does end up being hardware, though, we could be looking at a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super. That seems unlikely, especially with EVGA already using the 'Super' nomenclature on its cards (Superclocked). Maybe there's a Super Nvidia Shield in the works, or a Super Nintendo Switch with ray tracing! Yeah, probably not.

What do you think (or hope) it could be? Let us know your guesses in the comments section.

Paul Lilly

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