No Man's Sky price and release date confirmed


Well, the alien cat is out of the procedurally-generated bag, thanks to a slip-up on Tuesday that briefly saw No Man's Sky listed on the US Playstation Blog for $60. That price has now officially been confirmed by Hello Games. At a press event for No Man's Sky in Los Angeles earlier this week I was also told that the March 3 release date apparently leaked in the same post is, as expected, not actually a surprise early launch.

As many rationally speculated, it's actually the date from when the game can be pre-ordered. Hey, March 3! That's today! You can pre-order on Steam, from, and, the last of which also offers a limited number of "explorer's editions" priced at $149 that come with a Steam key, a hand-painted spaceship model, and a few other items. The game itself, meanwhile, will be released on June 21. I got some hands-on time with No Man's Sky at the event, which you can read about here, along with some pre-release footage. I also interviewed studio founder Sean Murray and you'll find that here.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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