No Man's Sky will be a full priced title, according to removed Sony listing

No Man's Sky Robot

Earlier today a mysterious listing for No Man's Sky appeared on the US PlayStation blog. It's since been removed, but it caused quite a fuss. Although it listed No Man's Sky under the pre-order section (indicating that it'll be available for pre-order later this week, on PS4 at least), it also featured the text "out 3/3".

Many rushed to the conclusion that No Man's Sky would get a stealth release later this week. That seems highly unlikely: "out 3/3" probably means pre-orders will open then, and besides, the listing has since disappeared. I've emailed Sony to check, just in case, though the previously announced June 2016 release date probably remains.

What's more illuminating about the removed listing (embedded below), is that it listed No Man's Sky as costing US$59.99. That's not significant unless you were expecting the open world, procedurally generated space game to be priced like a typical digital indie game. In fairness, No Man's Sky doesn't seem like a typical game.

I'll update this story with any info about a release date, but don't hold your breath.

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