No Man's Sky AMA reveals likely release time, FOV slider work and more

For those exploring No Man's Sky on PS4, the game has an unambiguous release date: it's August 9, or August 10 if you're in Australia or New Zealand. For those exploring No Man's Sky on PC however, the answer is a little more confusing. After a week of uncertainty, Hello Games announced at the weekend that August 12 is the official release date on our platform, but we wanna know, y'know, the actual time it'll release too. 

In a Reddit AMA conducted today, Hello Games' Sean Murray gave a more specific answer to that question. "The reality is that we're still here working on it right now," he wrote. "There's no conspiracy, we're just racing to get all the extra options and stuff we want. PS4 comes out tomorrow and we'll just try to pretend it's a normal work day! Best guess right now is 6pm GMT on Friday, but we'll keep you up to date as we get closer." That means around 11am PT, or 4am on Saturday in AEST (Sydney, Australia). 

Elsewhere in the AMA, Murray confirmed the studio is working on a field-of-view slider, but that he wants people to stop bugging him about it. Oh, and on the question of how big No Man's Sky's monsters get, Murray had this to say: "Huge creatures are out there, and I haven't seen them on streams yet. They are rare."

Meanwhile, when asked whether Hello Games is working on, or planning, another project after No Man's Sky, Murray said support for the game would dominate at first, but that there "are other ideas". 

"I think video games is just such a largely unexplored field. There's very few studios that pull off the two game thing, but supporting one game and then kicking off something new - that's doable right? Shit, I just remembered, we've got another thing we're already working on that's unannounced. It's a small experiment, but hopefully you all might like it."

For those who cannot wait, here's an hour worth of realtime No Man's Sky gameplay, hosted by Murray.

Shaun Prescott

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