No Longer Home is a point-and-click adventure about the anxiety of moving out

No Longer Home looks like an intensely intimate game. It's a semi-biographical point-and-click adventure about two university students, Bo and Ao, reconciling with the reality that their lives are about to drastically change. They've both just graduated university and are about to be separated as Ao returns to Japan, and No Longer Home depicts their final weeks together as players explore the flat, have conversations with friends, and take part in simple activities like playing videogames together or having a BBQ.

It's not often that games have such mundane premises, but I'm curious to see if No Longer Home can articulate the anxiety and sadness of these pivotal life moments. It reminds me a bit of Kentucky Route Zero, not just in the art style but also because No Longer Home incorporates elements of surrealism. Ao and Bo also share their apartment with a freakish monster named Lu, for example, that I'm sure is a metaphor for something.

No Longer Home has been in development for over six years and was funded on Kickstarter in 2018. It will launch later this year, but you can wishlist it on Steam now.

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Steven Messner

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