Nicolas Cage brings the secret power of 'Dramaturgy' to the Dead by Daylight PTB

Academy Award-winning thespian Nicolas Cage was recently announced as an upcoming addition to the long-running survival horror game Dead by Daylight. And let there be no doubt, it's 100% the Full Nic. He said in June that he doesn't just appear in the game, he'll be "fused" with players who assume his digital persona: "I want you to know when you're playing the Nic Cage survivor, I want you to know that we're one."

That's pretty over-the-top, which I suppose is appropriate, and now players can finally discover how close the in-game character comes to living up to that billing. The Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage Chapter won't be fully live until July 25, but the character is playable today in the Dead by Daylight public test build that's available on Steam.

Here's how it all began: It seems that while in the midst of filming "the role of a lifetime," Cage delivered a performance so powerful, so compelling, he accidentally summoned the Entity, the malevolent force responsible for creating the horrific, murderous realms in which Dead by Daylight's innocent victims are trapped and killed. Yes, the man is just that good. (For the record, Cage has also won a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award.)

Anyway, the good news for Nic is that the massive talent that got him into this mess will also help get him out of it: His unparalleled acting abilities grant him a trio of brand-new perks that are pretty much exactly what you'd expect:

  • Dramaturgy - Players will allow their instincts to take over during moments of heightened intensity. They might not be able to predict the outcome, but that's what makes it so thrilling, isn’t it?
  • Scene Partner - When using this Perk, staring at the Killer will grant players a deeper insight into their process, allowing them to better anticipate their next move.
  • Plot TwistA Plot Twist in the third act can really breathe new life into film and Trial alike. Players will use their second-to-none acting ability to get deeper into character than ever before, making a bold decision that’s as risky as it is rewarding.

The thing I like about those perks is that it's not really clear what any of them do. You just sort of roll with it and hope for the best: Maybe you get a Pig, and maybe you get the bees. Just like the man himself, there's really no way to know until you get in there and see what the hell's going on for yourself.

Do note that if you jump into the Dead by Daylight PTB, your progress will pick up from the state of your live game as of June 26, but any progression earned on the PTB will not carry back over—it's strictly a way to get an early look at what's coming and help Behaviour Interactive work through potential issues before the Nicolas Cage Chapter goes live. The full PTB patch notes are available on Steam

Andy Chalk

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