How to change servers in New World

New World server transfer
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Now that New World server transfers are finally here, you might be wondering what the requirements are. The latest New World updated tested server transfers with limited worlds before rolling it out across all regions. 

While the queues that plagued Amazon's MMO during the first few weeks after launch have largely died down, there are many waiting to join friends that opted for quieter servers with no queues initially. So with that in mind, here's what you need to know about New World server transfers. 

New World server transfer: When can you move your character? 

Character server transfers are now available across all regions.

The framework itself was deployed with the latest update (October 19), but Amazon wanted to monitor stability before turning on server transfers for one world (Utopia, AP Southeast region). This, in turn, was monitored before being rolled out to the rest of the worlds in that region. 

How to start a server transfer in New World 

To transfer your character to a different server (once it's up and running), you'll need a 'character transfer token'. You can claim the first one free when you log in with your character and navigate to the in-game store. Claiming the token seems to initiate the transfer, so ensure you're logged in on the correct character before proceeding.

You're then given a selection of servers where you are allowed to transfer. It must be in the same region—US West, EU Central, etc.—and can't be on the world set of another existing character. Additionally, the server can't be down for maintenance or full.

Before proceeding with the transfer, make sure you're in a settlement or outpost, retrieve any sell orders that are active on the Trading Post, and leave your company (guild). You'll also lose your friends list when you transfer.

Here's what your character will take with them:

  • Character progression (level, weapon mastery, etc.)
  • Storage and inventory
  • Currency
  • Houses (and decorations)
  • Quest progress

Only the first server transfer is free. If you want to transfer again, you'll need to buy a character transfer token from the in-game store. 

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