New Steam sale honors 2014 Game Award nominees

2014 Game Awards logo

Remember how the GOG Winter Sale felt like it launched almost immediately after the GOG Fall Sale had ended—mainly because it did? Now Valve is doing essentially the same thing: With the dust from the 2014 Steam Winter Sale barely settled, it's flicked the switch on yet another one.

The games in this sale are all 2014 Game Award nominees, which explains why some of them aren't actually on sale and one—Batman: Arkham Knight—isn't even available for purchase. Even so, while it isn't as all-encompassing as a seasonal sale, there are still some decent deals to be found, if your wallet can take the punishment. Among them: Child of Light is 60 percent off, reducing it to $6; Wolfenstein: The New Order is 67 percent off, to $20; The Walking Dead Season Two is 66 percent off, to $8.50; Alien: Isolation is half-price, making it $25.00; The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is 40 percent off, to $12.

The 2014 Game Awards Steam Sale is, unsurprisingly, running in concert with the 2014 Game Awards, which takes place tonight—that's December 5—at 9 pm PST. The show will be streamed through numerous sources, including Twitch, YouTube, and Steam itself; a more detailed breakdown of what's in store may be had at

Andy Chalk

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